Compliments of Richard Mason,

Florida Naturist Association and

Richard Spacer,

Kauai Naturists

Special to the NUSA SUN

An ancient trail leading to Larsen's Beach, Hawaii is in danger!

Naturist Beach at Larsen's Beach, Kauai Island, Hawaii is set for closure.

Constructed hundreds of years ago by Hawaiians treading the path by foot, this trail will be destroyed by yet unknown numbers of

cattle. Public access to this traditional nude beach will be blocked unless we act quickly. Any of our readers who have been to Hawaii know that the beaches there are some of the best in the world for nude recreation (but hard to find). In fact, right now many nudist friends are in Hawaii on board the current Bare Necessities Cruise!

The long established traditional trail, called the Ala Loa and following the coastline leading to Larsen's Beach has been used by naturists as well as Hawaiians for subsistence fishing, seaweed gathering and cultural practices for centuries. It is now on the verge of being turned into grazing land for a commercial cattle operation.

On February 16th the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural

Resources (DLNR) granted cattle rancher Bruce Laymon a permit to

develop land he leases from Waioli Corporation for cattle ranching.

Laymon plans to erect federally funded fencing in conservation land

directly behind the beach. This proposed fencing will block public

access to the Ala Loa, the only safe, easily accessible trail to

Larsen's Beach.

Another beach access trail owned by Kauai County exists in theory, but is inaccessible to the public. It is blocked by a fence and overgrown with brush. It is also very steep and rocky, and those with physical challenges and small children are unable to use it. This is why the Ala Loa trail needs to remain open.

Bruce Laymon has made multiple verbal and written statements against nudity at Larsen's Beach, calling it "illegal behavior." He has made clear his fencing is to deter certain members of the public from the beach he finds objectionable, including naturists. Larsen's Beach became the primary nude beach on Kauai after years of harassment at Secret Beach.

The quickly formed Larsen's Beach Free Beaches group have hired an attorney and have filed a legal challenge to the permit with the DNLR. We now need financial support from fellow naturists to help rally behind and pay for the attorney.

"We're asking people who care about saving traditional naturist beaches and preserving public access to them to make a contribution of any amount NOW to help cover the growing legal fees," requests Richard Spacer, President of Kauai Naturists and spokesperson for the Larsen's Beach Free Beaches group.

Please send what you can to protect us all! Make checks payable to: Cruise & Yost, LLLC, Client Trustee Account and be sure to write "Larsen's Beach" in the memo line.

Checks should be sent to:

Richard Spacer

c/o LBFB

General Delivery

Kapaa, HI 96746


We all appreciate your support. Mahalo, which is Hawaiian for thank you.