"Captivating, unique, and positively inspirational"

As many of us already know, one of the best things about the nudist community is the diversity of people you meet at a naturist resort or club. Nudists come from all walks of life, and are generally open to sharing their life experiences and perspective on nudism with others. However, my friend Thomas Lundy is planning to take his message to a larger audience with a new documentary film called "Naked Conversations with Nude Women," in which women of all ages talk about life, on a sofa in the nude. Thomas is an award winning International Nudist Activist and Filmmaker, and this is the launch of his newest film project

He was inspired by the Desmond Morris's book Naked Man, in which the author proposes that the male species may well become extinct as female humans will no longer need sperm to reproduce. "Naked Conversations with Nude Women" promises not only to make a potent statement through the sheer visual impact of an abundance of nude women, but it will also further nudism's key cause of body tolerance among the general public.

Amsterdam-based since 2002, Lundy became a nudist/naturist in 1980 when his family moved to Germany, where most public saunas are gender mixed and nudity is obligatory. This life changing experience led him to found the 20-something generation nudist club, Young British Naturists in 1994, followed by Young Canadian Naturists in 1996 and finally the University of Toronto Naturists in 1998, Canada's first-ever co-ed campus nude recreation club.

His leadership does not just include founding of these clubs and activism, but also extends to the world of media. Thomas began by writing newspaper articles on nude recreation in college periodicals and travel magazines, as well as official nudist publications in the USA, France, Austria, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Denmark, and Canada. He also enjoyed success with his first cinematic outing as director, actor, writer and producer of the quirky 'Nude Not' in 2000. This film was screened at many film international festivals and on television in France, and won the 'best first film' award in Toronto.

Continuing his innocent indulgence for fun, quirky and intriguing moviemaking, Lundy intends on filming 100 women in various countries for "Naked Conversations with Nude Women" to explore circulating theories suggesting the world is on a gradual shift toward a matriarchal society. The film promises to depict nude women so as to symbolize their maternal natures, imbedded in their psyches by dint of gender. Lundy feels strongly that this visual and narrative approach will work well within this cinematographic concept to be captivating and unique, and positively inspirational to the widest possible audience.

Most importantly, depicting nude women is yet another step in promoting his 'nude is normal' ideology, a lifelong oath for Lundy. Lundy hopes his film will beam a vital metaphor deep into the subconscious: woman the creator, woman as mother nature, as the Gaia goddess, as the symbol of fertility from which all life emerges and is continued.

Women interested in being filmed may contact Lundy now at and make advance arrangements for a shoot date during his US tour this summer. Watch the demo trailer on or at